CentMP Double Deposit Scheme


Amount of deposit
Min Amount:Rs.5000 Max Amount: Rs.1 crore 
Period of deposit
Your deposits double in 93 months.For Senior Citizens who are above 60 years of age ,deposits double in 90 months.For Staff of the Bank deposits double in 84 months.For Ex-Staff of the bank who are above 60 years of age , deposits double in 81 months
Rate of Interest
The rate prevailing on the date of deposit is applicable and doubling period will change accordingly.Please click the Deposit Interest Rates link for prevailing rates
Compounding of Interest
Premature Payment
Payment before maturity of the deposit is available subject to Bank’s rules in this regard 
Loan /Overdraft against deposit is available as per Bank’s rules

•Terms and conditions applicable 

•Please contact nearest branch for details 

•Bank reserves the right to withdraw this special deposit scheme at any time and stop accepting new deposits under the scheme